What is Pilates?

Matwork Pilates includes a variety of exercises performed lying down, on your back, on your front, in sitting and kneeling positions. There is an emphasis on activating or ‘switching on’ your deep abdominal or core muscles whilst performing the exercises, to provide stability and support.

In STOTT Pilates there is a focus on five key principles:

  • breathing
  • pelvic placement
  • rib cage placement
  • shoulder-blade (scapula) movement and stabilization
  • head and neck (cervical) placement

Pilates is a very effective and efficient form of exercise. Some of the benefits include:

  • greater strength and flexibility
  • improved posture
  • a stronger core
  • lengthened, more toned muscles
  • helps to relieve aches and pains (including back pain)
  • better balance
  • enhanced muscular and sports performance
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