Wendy Lewin 

I have tried a number of Pilates teachers over the years, and I can say that Emma is by far the best! She really takes the time to ensure everyone in the class is doing everything correctly, and I really enjoy the variety of each set of classes 😀

Melisa Watch

I damaged my back and needed some calm controlled exercise to build strength and technique. Emma’s class was wonderful for that.

Small classes, which mean fantastic intricate professional teaching. Any ability truly welcome. (I had never done Pilates before). Emma is genuinely sweet and personable, has an outstanding knowledge of the body and individually supports you are your level of need!

I truly have benefited so much from learning absolutely brilliant techniques and control.

Donna Speedie.

I started Pilates classes with Emma due to the fact that I have suffered lower back pain on and off for many years, and this seemed to get worse after each pregnancy.

I recognised that I needed to strengthen my stomach and back muscles ASAP in order to avoid painful episodes and so that I could look after our young children everyday. I also had a few sessions with a chiropractor, and his examination results tied up exactly with the posture analysis that Emma did for me, and encouragingly all the exercises he prescribed were those we were already doing in our Pilates classes.

Emma is a great instructor and makes everything easy to understand, and I have definitely noticed results. I have taken up running again recently and feel even stronger than I did in my younger years, as my running posture is better and my core feels a lot more solid! I would recommend Pilates for everyone and I’m even wondering how young I can start teaching my children…


My eldest son is now 5 and, since being pregnant with him, I have suffered with lower back pain. I started Pilates with Emma last August and within weeks noticed a huge improvement in my levels of pain and general well being.

Emma is very knowledgeable and patient. Classes are small and Emma tailors the exercises to your body – she gives me extra blocks to put under my feet to help my back. I love attending classes and look forward to them each week as they make a real difference.

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